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always made with a simle


As of 2016, we have gratefully served the Westchester community in Los Angeles for thirteen years! KC's Crêpes Café is conveniently located off the Pacific Coast Highway, which allows us to cater to hungry business people, families, and university students alike. Otis Design and Loyola Marymount University students are frequently seen enjoying themselves at our French influenced café.  The ambience is relaxing.  Smooth bossa nova, jazz, or tasteful top 40s music is always playing so you can bring your friends and/or your laptop and enjoy a conference or study session from 9am to 10:30pm. Chat us up sometime when we are available!

     In 2003, a Japanese bass fisherman named KC Wakunaga bought a small Japanese restaurant near the LAX airport in California.  As an experienced sushi chef for over 10 years, KC knew in order to be successful in the melting pot of busy Los Angeles, he would have to be creative and unique as well as casual and quick. In Japan at the time, crepes were quite popular as a quick take-out item amongst young people, but crepes were still only enjoyed as desserts.  However, KC had a vision!  He imagined Japanese crepes as a nutritious meal OR dessert that the whole family could enjoy.

     KC decided to open "KC's Crêpes Café" which would serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items. Each crepe is individually and carefully created.  Today, he has over 50 savory crepes and 50 dessert crepes, all made to order.  What makes KC's Crêpes Café unique is the homemade and fresh crepe batter, whipped and custard creams, and other secret sauce recipes, designed to create the perfect taste amalgamation. The possibilities are endless for people of all ethnic backgrounds.  

     Today, KC's Crêpes Café has been enjoyed by locals for 13 years.  All these years, we have never advertised publicly but our business continues to grow through word of mouth.  Now our crepes have been raved as one of the healthiest choices amongst traditional fast food options.




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